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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 Noon  ABC  February 17, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm MST

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waithe tahe htta ofrenc. weivot , bu ed uslng a ai p'lve waiunl ht. ld n apo" i kiom p angus whheoe't like rr fit he gs e hnt mb tet' ew eah ke'vvese 'l mesg sh noth look at our web question today: du thou gingmpyee right tosconctrom wo after ur a mmen ot-coufacebook or krd
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n'eikiutpl y s e nghe v artf thr iz ma a eytier bae . now, ki awerfes abt chamnovember. nseyhas r ho hl ts rdating unng or llate rtiatsr roa rouseyseemy le t nnd wibut e' speafothti he ocki at hoholm in nr "y hoe nentamwechamoh my iafc h tearfully ing gene esday - atidia ou fovag ss rs litelly g limy t , i wa'ming,am igog too anym ts of holmsey figheywho'thercomm sui en sheas 8 yes ol- credithe rien almo a y c
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at'sexfor mihaon if lm b hto anem time ith t do ke lom wsrao usgoodfteron.. h dd krdo.rsveave r the d e isr toght in corado rings.did you bully? i ed ands gr i wh saw owmy .. ind buy y.ini clse woedrehty v w ay y wa an beit to y.eoe wie eamef ..op wiisis anth co
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